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The basis of successful project realization is a systematic and extensive
contemplation of all essential project-related events, risks and factors
which may have an influence on the objective with regard to technology,
business economics and deadlines.

We prepare/check for you feasibility studies and business plans according to
technical, economic and ecologic parameters and simulate scenarios in order
to prepare evaluation foundations for decision making processes.

As a result, weak points are detected and corrective measures demonstrated
by exhausting optimization potentials in order to support a successful realization.

When preparing/evaluating financing models as well as during the planning
and realization stage itself, we take over the entire subsidy management.

In addition to selecting and structuring of financing models, we prepare any
applications required and accompany you throughout the project taking into
account the funding agencies.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Plausibility Checks
  • ŸSubsidy Management